Is It New Year New You?!

8th December 2021
Is It New Year New You?!

The guilt of overindulgence this festive period means that a lot of us will be signing up to fitness regimes in January.

But it doesn’t have to automatically just be the gym or another bonkers only eating when it’s a full-moon-granola-dust-only type diet! (There is a new one every year)

Beat the boredom of the home work-out DVD by getting out there, you never know, you may find something you really love and a whole new set of friends along the way.

You don’t even need to squeeze into neon lycra to join most of the classes! (But maybe ditch the lounge wear covered in crumbs for this one… )

We provide lettings to multiple venues across the UK, so we have a *really* good idea about the different ways to keep fit, whatever your goals may be.

Classes include everything from Clubbercise, Martial Arts, Yoga, Racket Sports, and so much more, there really is something for everyone no matter the age or ability.

There are lots of options for outdoor events and fitness classes too if you’re worried about keeping safe indoors (especially when the news changes on coronavirus almost weekly)

We also host a number of Football pitches including 2G/3G across our network of venues ~ from 5 A Side through to Youth Football and everything in between. (Hockey can be played on 2G pitches too).

Check out our website and find the next class to get you off the sofa and stop doom scrolling those Instagram accounts, start your own fitness journey instead!

You can do it!

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