Things To Consider When Booking A Venue

11th May 2022
Things To Consider When Booking A Venue

You've chosen the date, thought about the theme and started the invite list — but where should your next event be held?

Searching for a venue shouldn’t be stressful, we can help!

We have put together a handy list of things you should consider when it comes to finding a suitable venue for your next event.


Can the venue accommodate the amount of people expected, as well as provide space for entertainment? Is there a minimum capacity limit?

Seating Arrangements

Are there enough tables and chairs? Are there any pre-determined seating plans available to help you decide the layout?

Audio Visual Equipment

Is there any equipment provided as standard? Consider if you need a projector, lighting and audio system.

Is there Wi-Fi available? If so, are you allowed guests access to it?

Décor or decorating the room(s)

Are you allowed to decorate the space? Check to see if there any restrictions on what can be displayed, such as using helium balloons or sticking things to walls?

Setting up and breaking down

Have you factored in the setup and teardown included in the booking? Never assume, always check! You can be charged for extra time on site outside of your booking slot.

Catering / Food

Do you have catering arrangements? Will you have access to a kitchenette or prep space to use?

If you are planning on allowing alcohol at your event please check that alcohol permitted. Licenses and permissions, such as TENS, are required for public events.

Payments / Invoices

What are the terms and conditions for payment – do you have to pay upfront or retrospectively? Is there a cancellation policy? Some venues need 7 days’ notice for cancellation.

Site Staff

Will there be staff on hand to help guide guests on the night?

Site staff will often anticipate your needs without having to ask because of their level of experience, which will come handy on entry and exit of the venue.

Get In Touch!

You can submit with us and our BookingsGuru’s will send a response within 24 hours. (Monday to Friday) You are welcome at most venues to schedule a site visit ahead of your event to make sure it meets all of your needs. We have photos of each space on our website too.

Find a venue via our website

Prefer to speak to a human? Give us a call on 03330 110476 or search for a venue in your area via our website.

We have over 50 venues to choose from Yorkshire all the way down to Essex! (and everything in between)

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