Why should you hire a school hall for a party or event?

3rd March 2023
Why should you hire a school hall for a party or event?

If you are on the fence about why it is that you should hire a school hall for a party or event, we can help! School halls have come a long way from smelling of sweaty gym socks and dark, tungsten lit pokey rooms (those were the days).

These days they are modern, bright spaces with (sometimes) audio and visual equipment thrown in alongside a team of site staff to help you plan the perfect event - all at the fraction of the cost of hiring a grey boardroom style hotel boardroom/conference facility.

Hiring a school hall for a party or event has several advantages:

• Size: School halls are frequently large spaces that can accommodate many guests. They can accommodate a large number of people for dancing, sports, and other activities
• Facilities: School halls may be equipped with a variety of perks such as kitchens, sound systems, and lighting. This can save you money and the hassle of hiring these separately.

• Cost: School halls are frequently less expensive than other event spaces. Because schools are typically closed on weekends and during school holidays, renting a school hall after hours can be a cost-effective way to host a party or event.

• Local convenience: School halls are often located in residential areas, which can be more convenient for local guests who do not want to travel far for the event.

• Supporting the community: By hiring a school hall, you are supporting the school and its community. The money you spend on the hire fee may go towards school programs or improvements.

Overall, hiring a school hall for a party or event can offer a range of benefits, including ample space, useful facilities, cost-effectiveness, local convenience, and community support.

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