Fall In Love With Dance

27th September 2021
Fall In Love With Dance

If you have ever fancied dancing but you’re not one for formality, structure or tight lycra, then Brazilian ‘Zouk’ dancing could well be something you fall in love with. (We certainly have!)

Professional Zouk teachers Pedrinho & Linda Mattos have the reputation of running ‘London’s friendliest dance school’ with UKDC based at Haverstock School, NW3.

Zouk (also known as Brazilian Zouk) is one of the most fun and incredible Latin partner dances, known and loved for its famous head movements, cleverly mixes funky and cool styling with a fluid flowing momentum.

It is often danced to commercial Pop, RnB, Latin and Reggaeton music with playlists and mixes inspired by the dance movement popping up online.

Pedrinho and Linda are part of a passionate team, exploding in popularity and setting the bar high when it comes to Zouk.

They are so successful that their beginner’s course is fully booked for 2021! BUT we have some exciting news – they have JUST announced 6 week Brazilian Zouk Fast Track Course starting on October 20th on Wednesdays

UKDC Beginners Fast Track Course

The next intake of Beginners starts in 2022 so make sure you add it to your Christmas list otherwise you’ll have serious FOMO.

UKDC have their own Podcast, so you can really get a feel for what it means to be part of this vibrant community in the meantime.

You can find out more via their social media and website too – with regular updates and behind the scenes videos.

Instagram - UKDC Instagram

Facebook - UKDC Facebook

Podcast - UKDC Podcast

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Sticky Bun Dads are filled with ‘Jambition’

20th September 2021
Sticky Bun Dads are filled with ‘Jambition’

A Haverstock Five-A-Side squad of Dads are causing a stir as they continue to squeeze the points gap with only three games to go in Powerplay’s London league.
Read the news article here

Powerplay hosts football four evenings a week, Monday through to Thursday. Our 3G pitch can be divided to accommodate 5 aside and 7 aside. The cherry on the cake is that the floodlit pitches can be played on all year around, perfect as the darker nights roll in. (stick with us, the puns are almost over!)

Book your next kick-off (or cake-off) online via Powerplay’s website:

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Getting to know our Operations Manager Pullen Agbon-ifo

16th September 2021
Getting to know our Operations Manager Pullen Agbon-ifo

Here at Kajima, we take great pride delivering a diverse assortment of sports and social activities in the heart of local communities.

A key member of our Community Team is Operations Manager Pullen Agbon-ifo who is based at our flagship school Haverstock in Camden.

If you are ever lucky enough to visit Haverstock School in the evenings or during the weekend, you are very likely to see Pullen’s friendly face as he coordinates his staff to manage the out-of-school hours lettings.

It is Pullen’s responsibility to supervise a monthly footfall of ten thousand at the site whilst ensuring this has no impact on the day to day running of the school. This involves carefully managing the relationship with the school, the facilities management contractor (Mitie), the hirers and the hirers activity participants. He must also manage the impact of facility use during the evening and weekends with our neighbouring residents. It’s a challenging role which involves a delicate balance of meeting the needs of all parties involved.

We managed to grab Pullen for a quick Q+A session to see what fun facts we could find out about him!

How long have you worked for Kajima?
16 years.

Who is your favourite hirer and why?
Fencing, they are really friendly.

What is one thing (attribute/past job/skill etc) that not many people know about?
I am very good at playing table tennis.

Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous?
No, afraid not.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A Pilot.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to and why?
1990, when I was in secondary school. It was a time of learning interesting stuff and a time I made the most friends to date.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Rice with fried plantain.

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?
Flashlight, first aid kit, water…

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and why?
Flying, because I would then have the ability to go almost anywhere and experience all parts of the world.

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Welcome Back

25th August 2021

Well, what an 18 months it has been. We've had our ups and downs but we are back up and running, full steam ahead for the new academic year.

It's been a while since we've all had to work through the lettings process so here are a few Frequently Asked Questions to help jog your memories...and ours!

How do I enquiry about availability?

Check out our facilities here to find the right space for you. Then fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of each page or on our Contact Us page, and ask about what days and times we have available. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with all the relevant info.

How do I confirm my booking?

If you're lucky enough to nab a space you'll be set up with your very own account. You can check, confirm and pay for your bookings all in one handy place.

You'll be able to see any provisional bookings you have on your dashboard. Click 'view' to open up the booking, check everything is correct and then hit that green confirm button at the bottom of the page!

How do I pay my invoice?

We have two convenient ways of paying via your account. With our new Instant Pay feature you can process payment for your whole booking when you confirm and then sit back and relax!

If you prefer to make your payments monthly, remember to tick the 'Pay As You Go' box when confirming and we'll send over an invoice each month. Invoices will appear on your dashboard where you can click 'view' to open them up. There'll be two payment options at the bottom of the page for you to choose from, Stripe and GoCardless.

What are you doing to reduce the risk of Covid-19?

We take your safety very seriously. Whilst restrictions have eased across the country we are still encouraging all visitors to wear face coverings until they reach their hire space, to regularly sanitise their hands and to wipe down touch points before leaving the room. For more information check out our Booking Pack.

What's On?

We already have a wide variety of classes locked in for the new academic year so check out our What's On page to see what you can join in on or for inspiration on how you can use our fantastic facilities!

We hope to see you soon!

The BookingsGuru Team

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5 Things Taking Place at Haverstock School This Year

26th September 2019
5 Things Taking Place at Haverstock School This Year

We've been flying through the month here at Haverstock School and can't believe it is coming to the end of September 2019 already!

So we thought it best to get this post together pretty quick like, and let you know some of the things going on this new academic year.

1. After an absence last year we are welcoming back the Celebrating Parents Day on Saturday 26th October 2019. This is a chance for us and the school to celebrate all those amazing parents in the local community. It will be taking place all day on the ground floor. Lettings normally on the ground floor will not be taking place but those on the upper floors will continue to go ahead.

2.Also in October we have the amazing Tekne Gymnastics half term camp taking place Monday - Friday from 09.00 until 17.00 everyday. Camp is always fun and a great way of meeting new friends from other classes and sharing ideas. Visit their website to find out more!

3. As usual we have Powerplay on the 3G Astro Pitch Monday - Thursday with 5 and 7 a side leagues. To find out more and sign up click here.

4. UKDC run Zouk Dance session throughout the week and is all about bringing communities and people together through dancing. Check out their moves on their website for inspiration!

5. Danny Grant Soccer School visit us on Saturday mornings with a range of action-packed football sessions which aim to develop fitness, stamina and ball skills, and encourage each child to develop their potential at their own pace. Click here to find out more.

With all this and so much more we are certainly keeping busy! Take a look at our What's On page for a comprehensive list of everything going on at Haverstock School in the coming academic year!!

The BookingsGuru Team

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New Year, New Blog

14th March 2019
New Year, New Blog

Welcome to a new year at Haverstock School!

A few months in and everything is in full swing here at BookingsGuru, so much so we have only just had time to write a new blog!

Our New Year events went really well and all our regular hirers are back up and running. We have lots of exciting events coming up in the next few months which we are excited to tell you about.

Coming up this month we have a fantastic dance event by Dancehall Origins on Saturday 23rd March 2019. Dancehall Origins brings renowned Dancehall artists from Jamaica to London for an intensive day of workshops and lectures. Teaching for the first time ever in the UK, they are excited to present FAMOUS DANCER and DANCING REBEL. For more information about the event please visit their website.

Also in March we have another Toy Soldier Show taking place on Saturday 30th from 9.30 am until 4 pm. At the show you will find a host of traders whom you can chat and get advice prior to purchasing. You will be able to meet their TSC magazine editor and contributors, as well as fellow enthusiasts! Take a look at their website. to find out more.

During the Easter holidays we have exciting holiday camps from Tekne Gymnastics and seminars from Tai Ji Circle who will be having their first ever event at Haverstock School this year!

If you have a budding gymnast stuck on a move, Tekne Gymnastics Easter Holiday Camp is a great way to get them to advance or if you have a bouncing monkey at home who has never done gymnastics before this is a really fun introduction to the sport. With games and challenges for all abilities, their holiday camp welcomes children at all levels from 3 years to 16 years old. If you are interested in signing your little one up visit their website here.

We are very fortunate to be able to learn the exciting Chen Double swords form with Master Chen over two days, from Friday afternoon to evening and all day Saturday at Haversack School Sports Hall in Chalk Farm, Camden, hosted by Tai Ji Circle. Double Swords is a beautiful and powerful weapon form containing many circular defensive and attacking techniques. After a much practice each attack and defence should be executed with speed and force. Weapons routines aim to help us learn how to integrate the movement of the weapon/s so that it feels as if it is part of the body, controlled from the energy and movement of the internal dantian. It is advisable to have had some previous weapons experience. The son of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, Master Chen Ziqiang is a 20th generation direct descendant of the Chen Family Taijiquan, the Chief Coach of the prestigious Chenjiagou Taijiquan School and a renowned tai ji champion in China and worldwide. For more information visit the website. We have been assured the swords are safe and will be in the hands of the masters!

We are always looking for new and exciting events to host at Haverstock so if you are in the process of planning something in the Camden area don't hesitate to drop us a line to find out about our facilities. Be quick though as spaces fill up fast!

Hope to see you soon!

BookingsGuru Team

Photo Credit - rawpixel

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Christmas at Haverstock

28th November 2018
Christmas at Haverstock

Hi Everyone

We are starting to get that festive feeling here at Haverstock School and BookingsGuru as Christmas fast approaches. So, it's time for a little update about what we have going on in the run up to the festive period and plans for the New Year.

The school's last monthly Bingo event of the year will be taking place on 1st December 2018 in the Library between 12:30 and 16:00.

On 5th December the Year 8's Parents Evening is taking place in the main hall and the annual school Christmas Production will be on 20th December from 18.00.

We have several Christmas events taking place this year including a celebration for the Ethiopian community on 9th December between 17.00 and 23.00. Guideline Publications are holding another Toy Soldier Show on 1st December. They will feature products like toys, children books, comics, action figures etc. At the show, you will find a host of traders with whom you can chat and get advice prior to purchasing. 5 rhythms will be holding a fundraising session on 21st December to raise money for Crisis.

For more information about any of these events please contact the organisers directly by following the links above.

As we get closer to Christmas many of our regular groups and supplementary schools will be winding down so please check with them to find out when they finish for the holidays (and come back in the New Year!).

The school will be closed for all lettings from 21st December until 30th December as we open our doors to Crisis for the holiday period. During this time Crisis provides shelter, hot meals as well as other services for the homeless and less fortunate. This is a cause we are proud to support every year and look forward to supplying some Christmas cheer to everyone.

We will then be back up and running for lettings from 2nd January 2019.

To start the new year with a bang we have a massive three day Kizomba Festival at the school on 4th, 5th and 6th January 2019 courtesy of Ginga Boo. They will be welcoming top International teachers & DJ's over the weekend focusing on dance, culture and fashion. To book your place now please visit the website

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

BookingsGuru Team

Photo credit Joanna Kosinska

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UPDATE 17th October 2018

17th October 2018

Unfortunately the Parents Event on 20th October 2018 has been cancelled. Apologies to anyone hoping to attend.
We hope to provide an update with a rescheduled date soon.

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Back to School!

17th September 2018
Back to School!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new school year!

It's time to get back into the swing of things and hit the ground running. It's a busy time of year here at Haverstock School BookingsGuru but we've managed to squeeze a little time in to put this new blog together!

Firstly we wanted to introduce ourselves and explain a little about what we do, then really try to get the word out about some of our amazing hirers activities.

Located in the heart of Camden, Haverstock School is at the centre of the community, not only for the students attending the school but also for everyone in the local area. Recently celebrating their best GCSE and A Level results in the history of the school, Haverstock has a renewed focus and ambition to provide the very best for the local community.

When the school day finishes Haverstock School opens its doors to the wider community and hires out their first class facilities for all manner of local groups, clubs and events. Here at BookingsGuru we are the first point of contact for anybody interested in hiring at the school and also any queries for ongoing bookings. So if your interested in starting up a new fitness class, or want to hire our upgraded 3G Astro pitch with a group of mates, check out how to get in touch on the Contact Us page!

We have a dedicated team for any and all new enquiries that come our way, with specialist knowledge regarding each space available to hire. We also have a customer service team to look after all hirers as soon as their bookings have been confirmed.

We aim to provide the best possible experience when booking at Haverstock School and the best part is we are contactable on the same number and email address so if anyone is ever away from the office another colleague can pick up where they left off!

The school itself also puts on community events, on 20th October 2018 we are celebrating our wonderful Parents with an event which is open to the whole community.

We have many regular clubs and organisations that book at Haverstock school offering a massive variety of things to get involved with. We have put together some information on just a few of these groups to peak your interest! For more classes and groups take a look at our What's on page.

Powerplay have invested a great deal into the community and Haverstock school itself, offering funding for the upgrade of the astro pitch. With bookings Monday to Thursday every week you are sure to find a league to suit you! Visit their website to find out more. For any bookings on Fridays and Saturdays please contact us directly.

Go Kart Party regularly use our facilities and are a great Birthday Party idea for children aged 4-9. Get in touch with Kam for more information.

5 Rhythms® is a simple movement meditation practice designed to release the dancer that lives in everybody. Visit the website for more information.

Paraiso School of Samba is the Uk's only organisation whose artistic direction is by artists who grew up in the Rio de Janeiro samba community. Visit their website to join in and learn how to Samba!

Mei Quan Academy of Taiji teaches basic Tai Chi Theory and is perhaps the most effective way to develop balanced health for the body and the mind. Visit their website to find out how to join in.

Until next time!

BookingsGuru Team

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