Need a football pitch under floodlights? We gotchu!

1st October 2023
Need a football pitch under floodlights? We gotchu!

Have you noticed the darker evenings drawing in already? But not to worry! We can help keep you playing with our floodlit pitch at Haverstock School

Floodlit pitches offer key advantages including:

👉Extended Playing Hours: Floodlights allow football matches and training sessions to take place in the evening or at night. This flexibility accommodates players with daytime commitments such as work or school, making it easier for them to participate in the sport.
👉 Consistent Scheduling: With floodlights, grassroots football leagues and teams can maintain more consistent schedules throughout the year, reducing the impact of seasonal changes in daylight hours.
👉 Increased Participation: The ability to play under lights attracts more participants, including adults and youth, who might otherwise be limited by daytime responsibilities. This can lead to higher participation rates and a stronger grassroots football community.
👉 Community Engagement: Floodlit pitches can serve as hubs for community activities. They can be used for various events and tournaments, bringing the local community together and fostering a sense of belonging.
👉 Improved Player Development: Longer and more flexible training hours help in the development of young talent. Players have more opportunities to refine their skills, even after school or work hours.
👉 Enhanced Safety: Well-lit pitches improve safety for players and spectators by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by poor visibility.
👉 Higher Quality Matches: Floodlights ensure that matches are played under optimal lighting conditions, enhancing the quality of play and the overall experience for participants and fans.
👉 Increased Revenue: Floodlit pitches can generate additional revenue through night matches, tournaments, and facility rentals for non-football events, helping sustain grassroots football programmes.
👉 Reduced Weather Dependency: Floodlit pitches are less affected by adverse weather conditions, such as rain or fog, allowing games to proceed with fewer cancellations or disruptions.

Floodlit pitches play a crucial role in grassroots football by expanding playing opportunities, improving safety and visibility, and contributing to the growth and sustainability of community football - find your local pitch, drop us an enquiry or call us on 03330 110476 to speak to the team to see what winter slots are available

Find other venues near you via or call us on 03330 110476

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Beat The Back To School Fitness Fears With Us

1st September 2023
Beat The Back To School Fitness Fears With Us

Autumn in here and so is the back to fitness fear.

Maybe youve had a few more cocktails than you usually would, or indulged in a few takeaways (no judgement here!)

It doesn't have to be a struggle to get back into the routine of getting the kids to and from school, getting your football team started or getting back into the fitness class that you neglected. If you need a little kick start to get you back in the swing of things, then we can help you find the perfect program.

The government have just announced a partnership with Sport England to encourage us all to get active. 'Get Active: A strategy for the future of sport and physical activity'.

Read more here -

Find something you'll love with us

Is it a fact that our venues offer group sport classes such as 5 a side football, hockey, netball, volleyball, and rollerskating at various times of the year? Just to name a few of the many activities that are offered include yoga, Pilates, fencing, and martial arts in general.

We have listed all of the local facilities in our website - each one of them is listed by county, with separate websites for each one of them - in order to make it easier for you to find ones close to you.

Whether you are looking to explore the venue, check out the timetable on our what's on page, or get in touch with our wonderful hirers, you will be able to bounce back into the school year and beat the back to school blues.

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Why should I start a fitness blog?

9th May 2023
Why should I start a fitness blog?

Even if the rise of “The Influencer” has become increasingly popular, we tend to overlook that there is still place for additional bloggers, authors, and engaging content. Ignore the voice in your head that questions the point of it all when you see people smashing it online—there is still so much more you as a teacher, small company owner, or company can provide. Everyone has to start somewhere, start small and grow with your followers.

Think about it and be reminded of the reasons WHY you established your business, joined a franchise, or established a sports team. Especially if it's a side business that you run alongside your day job, we tend to get bogged down in the everyday running of what we are doing and forget why we started the company in the first place.

Despite our hectic schedules, we still manage to read the information that others produce, so what's stopping you?

We are aware that juggling work, family, social obligations, tax responsibilities, and just LIFE in general may be stressful. However, having a simple blog page, social media profile, or website makes it easier for people to connect. Many people start writing with the intention of creating a community.

We have included a few tips for you when it comes to the benefits of blog posts, content creation and connecting online with others in your industry.

Reasons to start a blog/website/social media channel:

• Accountability: Starting a fitness blog can help you stay accountable to your fitness goals. When you write about your progress and share it with others, you'll be more motivated to stick with it. Amongst others, rewards can be follower interaction, user generated content being provided for you – we all love a before and after photo or video for platforms such as Instagram
• As a business owner or instructor, often people book your classes because they are interested in YOU. How you achieved everything, how they can do the same, keeping well is on everyones minds especially since the pandemic. Sometimes people lose confidence when it comes to starting back up on their fitness journey, and reading about it first reminds them how fun it can be.

• Community: Building a community around your fitness blog can be incredibly rewarding. You'll be able to connect with like-minded individuals who are also interested in fitness, and you can share tips, advice, and support. Got a special offer you’re thinking of running? Perfect excuse for a post. New venue and opening hours? Shout about it.

• Expertise: If you're knowledgeable about fitness, football, hockey, dance – whatever it is, starting a blog can be a great way to share your expertise. You can write about the latest research, offer advice on training and nutrition, and provide tips on how to stay motivated alongside behind the scenes style videos/photos and digital content perfect for your social media channels. If you don’t feel that’s your area, why not invite a collaborator? A guest post? Its a brilliant way to support one another and expose your blog post with a different audience if they share it too.

• Personal growth: Starting a fitness blog can also be a great way to challenge yourself and grow as a person. You'll have to learn new skills, such as writing and marketing, and you'll be forced to confront your own insecurities and doubts. We all have them. Your success story could be someone elses survival story, their reason to get up and back out there.

Excuses are simple to come by, yet you may benefit others with a simple article (or newsletter, perhaps), all the while encouraging the growth of your own community or fans that follow.
When it comes to promoting your workshops, classes, or matches, word of mouth is always the most effective method. Go forth and start your blog post today!

There are lots of free templates, info and social media accounts online that you can start for free.

There is so much more to writing successful blog posts – read more here

Read our blog and let us know if you wanted to have a quick phone interview with our Marketing Manager Lou and create some content together, we can help!

Alternatively you can WhatsApp Lou direct on 07583 072110 to discuss this more

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The Importance of Community in Exercise

12th April 2023
The Importance of Community in Exercise

We all know exercise is good for us, but have you thought about how exercising with a group or in a class might also improve your well-being? Besides adding an element of fun to your exercise routine there are many benefits to exercising as part of a community.

When you're working out with a group, you have a built-in source of motivation and accountability. The social pressure and accountability that comes with being part of a community helps keep you motivated and committed to your fitness goals. Great for those days when it’s difficult to get off the couch!

It's also a great way to meet new people who share your interests and goals. This can help you feel more connected and motivated to continue working out with your community. You can get advice from them on how to improve your exercise routine or diet plan, as well as tips on how they overcame their own struggles with weight loss or fitness goals. This can also help you improve your form, prevent injury, and maximize your workout.

Benefits of Exercise
When you exercise, you're not only improving your physical health but also boosting your mental well-being. Exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-esteem, improve concentration and focus, boost creativity and make you happier overall.

In addition to these benefits for the mind, regular physical activity will also help improve your sleep quality as well as reduce depression symptoms like irritability or sadness.
A strong community provides emotional support and encouragement to help you stay on track. Whether you're struggling with a new exercise or dealing with a setback, having a support system can make all the difference in helping you overcome challenges and stay committed to your fitness journey.

Being part of a community can make exercise more enjoyable, effective, and sustainable. Whether you join a fitness class, a sports team, or an online group, having a support system can help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall well-being.

Joining a Community
Ready to jump in? Take a look at our What’s On page to find out what communities are already using our facilities along with details on how to join in.

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Why should you hire a school hall for a party or event?

3rd March 2023
Why should you hire a school hall for a party or event?

If you are on the fence about why it is that you should hire a school hall for a party or event, we can help! School halls have come a long way from smelling of sweaty gym socks and dark, tungsten lit pokey rooms (those were the days).

These days they are modern, bright spaces with (sometimes) audio and visual equipment thrown in alongside a team of site staff to help you plan the perfect event - all at the fraction of the cost of hiring a grey boardroom style hotel boardroom/conference facility.

Hiring a school hall for a party or event has several advantages:

• Size: School halls are frequently large spaces that can accommodate many guests. They can accommodate a large number of people for dancing, sports, and other activities
• Facilities: School halls may be equipped with a variety of perks such as kitchens, sound systems, and lighting. This can save you money and the hassle of hiring these separately.

• Cost: School halls are frequently less expensive than other event spaces. Because schools are typically closed on weekends and during school holidays, renting a school hall after hours can be a cost-effective way to host a party or event.

• Local convenience: School halls are often located in residential areas, which can be more convenient for local guests who do not want to travel far for the event.

• Supporting the community: By hiring a school hall, you are supporting the school and its community. The money you spend on the hire fee may go towards school programs or improvements.

Overall, hiring a school hall for a party or event can offer a range of benefits, including ample space, useful facilities, cost-effectiveness, local convenience, and community support.

Drop us an email on or call BookingsGuru (our team of experts in hall hire) on 03330 110476

Browse the website for photos of the hall and book in a viewing so that you can see it for yourself!

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12 Days of Fitness

16th December 2022
12 Days of Fitness

We can help you find 12 brand new activities to try as the 12 days of Christmas approach in 2023.

It's fairly typical for motivation to work out (as well as motivation to stick with any new habits or hobbies) to come and go, so we've compiled some suggestions for transforming your new exercise routine into a habit.

Check with your doctor ahead of taking up any new sports, especially if you are managing long term chronic conditions or have been unwell recently – listen to your body.

Are you ready to ring in the new year with your best health? Start now!

12 New things to try –

1. Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a great way to develop coordination and motor skills, which can be applied to many other areas of life, in addition to encouraging physical strength and flexibility. The cheers, dances, and techniques performed by cheerleaders require coordination as they travel through a series of motions with excellent timing and rhythm.

2. Basketball

Basketball can be a great social sport and teaches you how to work well with others. Before starting a basketball practise, adults should consult their doctor.
Warming up, extending your muscles and joints, and cooling down are crucial because playing basketball puts a lot of strain on the body and can result in injuries.

3. Bounce Fit
Routines are executed to upbeat music in a friendly, energising setting. We promote a social environment where you can meet new people or even bring your kids along while you work out. We take great pride in having started the "child-friendly" fitness movement and in maintaining a FUN FRIENDLY FIERCE nightclub atmosphere.

4. Clubbercise

Clubbercise is like spending the evening dancing with your friends (without the hangover after hurrah!) You come away from it having put yourself through a full body workout without even realising it. Even better.

5. Rollerskating

I won't hold it against you if you think roller skating is a less popular form of exercise than, say, Pilates or strength training because it seems too simple! Many of us remember the freedom of skating around the community hall on roller skates when we were younger. Relive the memories! Put on your skates and recapture your youth with Rollerdome.

6. Wrestling

Individual efforts are what make a successful team in a team sport like wrestling. The team will suffer and never perform to its full potential if no one is doing their part to succeed individually. In such a rough sport, being physically outmatched is not enjoyable, and the learning curve is high. However, wrestling will break you down in order to build you up and mould you into the person you need to be, just like any great sport.

7. Digital photography

Learning digital photography could offer you more than just enjoyable experiences and beautiful images; it's also the ideal reason to bring your camera on a walk. By taking a stroll around and snapping photos of your neighbourhood, landscape, or even just your dog, you can increase your step count. There are endless possibilities.

8. Badminton

Badminton can be a great substitute for your typical fitness routine if you want to branch out and stop going to the gym. It offers a cardio workout, many health benefits, and can be played both socially and competitively. No matter your physical condition or fitness level, anyone can enjoy badminton. By changing the pace at which you're playing, you can select a more or less demanding workout.

9. Tap / Ballet

Why should you learn to Tap dance? - Rhythmic patterns must be learned in order to tap dance. Pattern learning and repetition are excellent brain exercises. We all know that mental exercise encourages healthy brain activity and can help fend off diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. The same goes for adults!. Why learn ballet? - Strength, endurance, control, coordination, and stamina are all reinforced by adult ballet. You are also more aware of your posture and balance (even thinking about your posture makes you sit straighter!). You can develop excellent flexibility and motion range whilst dancing to a variety of classical and contemporary music. Bliss.

10. Zumba

One of the most well-known fitness companies in the world, Zumba offers more than 200,000 class locations across 180 nations. Moreover, despite the fact that the company is best known for its iconic "Zumba" Latin dance fitness class. Each workout consists of carefully choreographed movements set to upbeat international and salsa music. Basically, Zumba is a fun, energising workout that makes you want to exercise and keep coming back for more.

11. Slimming World

Slimming World groups provide members with support, dedication, and accountability—a potent perfect combo that nurtures happiness, self-worth, and weight loss success! More weight may be lost when participating in a weight loss journey with a group of friends than when doing the same plan alone. Having others to talk to who are dealing with the same challenges as you is essential for long-term success. Together, you can choose well while attempting to form new habits.

12. Fencing

Everyone has seen those cool swashbuckling scenes in films with epic sword fights and, of course, light sabres from the Star Wars series. Have you ever tried out some of those moves on your own or with your children? Have you ever imagined yourself as that hero? I bet you also can't help but use the wrapping paper tube as a sword this Christmas either 😊 You'll learn and advance more quickly as an adult than most children. Your past experiences are a benefit.

Where can I learn then?

• Berkshire


JMA What's On Page

The John Madejski Academy is where we'll start!. You have a few options at the JMA, including adult tap and ballet, football instruction, and martial arts.

• East London –

HAVERSTOCK SCHOOL, 24 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London, NW3 2BQ

Haverstock What's On Page

At Haverstock school in chalk farm, London, there are gymnastics, fencing, Acro, yoga, bounce fitness classes, fencing and more.

Walthamstow school for girls in East London has classes for performing arts scouts netball, personal training sessions perfect for the new year!

• Clacton on Sea

CLACTON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL, 51 Walton Road, Clacton-on Sea, CO15 6DZ

CCHS What's On Page

At Clacton county high school choose from theatretrain theatre company, cheerleading, basketball, and swimming lessons for little ones with “swim with me”.

• Greater Manchester


>Buille Hill What's On Page

Buille hill near Manchester are running Zumba classes basketball training and more.

• Hampshire


TWHF Whitecross What's On Page

Milton cross academy has the other popular clubbercise classes martial arts, including taekwondo, lots of football training -including ladies only sessions along side, cricket practise! There’s no excuses for getting bored this winter!

• Northamptonshire


The Wooldale Centre What's On Page

The Wooldale centre for learning is always busy. January is no exception!

If you wanted to try something different, there are adult learning classes, including learning guitar, digital photography, and cake decorating.

Not forgetting, the usual, yoga, badminton and dads v dads five aside football all available in Northampton.

• Oxfordshire


Kajima Brentside What's On Page

There are also exciting things going on at Brentside High school this winter.

Irish dancing is back with the award winning GACA academy, Rollerdome, running rollerskating sessions, including New Year’s Eve. Brent side wrestling team back on the mats too.

In 2023, at one of our fantastic locations across the country, you can easily try new sports, hobbies, and classes.

In the upcoming year, you'll find something you love by browsing our website to find a location near you! Check out all of our venues here - All Venues List

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No Excuses November

10th November 2022
No Excuses November

It’s No Excuses November!

“No excuses November” can be applied any aspect of your life from finally organising your to do list, making time for a hobby through to screen free Sundays.

As we head for the season of overindulgence, we often find ourselves slowing down when it comes to keeping active. We are all guilty of finding a way to worm out exercise when the darker evenings drawn in (after all, its perfectly natural to want to hibernate!).

Whilst we are not * quite * at the “New Year New You” social media posts, the pressure to get fit for 2023 is already here along with putting things off until the 2023 (it will soon be here).
So how do you keep active when all you want to do is sleep, eat, Netflix repeat?

We have some handy tips to help you break the excuses habit.

It’s better with friends!

Having a friend, coworker, or family member accompany you on your daily dog walk, yoga class, or workout is one of the best ways to stay accountable. Your likelihood of sticking to the plan increases when you exercise with a partner. By carpooling or paying for classes in the long run, you can save money (often there can be offers of free taster sessions or plus ones for free to help encourage new people to join).

Exercising alone in your living room with your cat, dog, or pet parrot under your feet is much less motivating than taking classes with a friend in person! It always seems like a weak excuse to dishearten someone because you just can't be bothered too – so you’re more likely to keep going.

Time Management

Break your sessions up into smaller chunks – can you fit in a lunchtime walk with someone? Or after work? The dog will love you for the extra time outdoors too. Ditch the hours of slogging hard and overdoing it. There are lots of classes that hold shorter sessions at our venues, not all of them are the same.

Often there are multiple venues, times, and sessions to choose from with warm ups, cool downs and breaks accommodated for.


Leave behind the idea that you must start out flawless. Okay, so perhaps you are unfamiliar with all of the club fitness, yoga, or dancing routines, but the instructors will guide you! Everyone must start somewhere, and people frequently take time off due to illness or injury. Take comfort in the fact that everyone in the class has just started out. Sooner or later, someone who arrives more recently than you will likely be worrying about the same thing. Start small; sometimes the hardest part is simply showing up and getting through the door.

Boost your mood with music

Listening to music or podcasts is a great way to stop counting down the minutes, and thanks to music streaming services, a playlist has already been made that will fit your mood or level of energy (along with playlists like "songs with weird names" and "Make your bed!").

We have a class that will work for you no matter what you think might help you stop making excuses. Find a location close by to avoid the long drive past the drive through on the way!
Set that weekly reminder on your phone/laptop/alexa

We can easily find time to catch up with friends over the weekend when we can, binge-watch the most recent episode of our favourite TV show (hello, Netflix mindless snacking), or both. You just frequently choose not to even though you have the time. Even though we'd much rather spend our time doing something else—even if it's doom scrolling through social media —there are other ways to trick your brain into scheduling time for exercise.

Our phones, which are dopamine machines, frequently shorten our attention spans and eat up any free time we *actually* do have.

With all that in mind, if nothing else maybe we can convince you to browse our list of venues around the UK to tempt you in… it’s a start right?!

See our venues via browse the timetable of classes via the Whats on pages and get in touch with the instructors now before you find the snack cupboard!

Call us on 03330 110476 Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm at BookingsGuru to hire the space for yourself

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Keeping motivated this autumn / winter

20th September 2022
Keeping motivated this autumn / winter

Although this summer break was some of the best weather in the UK than most, it appears that long-term activity levels and motivation to get back into sport + fitness has stalled for some.

How many of us have been successful in getting in at least 60 minutes of exercise each day? The Chief Medical Officer of England, NHS, has advised it, and we've all heard of the 10,000-step guideline… but reaching it consistently? It can be really tricky!

These days young people are seduced by gaming, group chats and social media with 24/7 access right at their fingertips.

Don't lose hope; we can help you in discovering something to tempt them (and you) to come back to sports, fitness classes and learning with our autumn/winter timetable. The best part is that you can drop into courses as with most teachers they are PAYG all without needing a costly gym membership.

With our facilities, we have a large number of schools, community centres, and locations that host after-school sports clubs for activities such as football, hockey, archery, basketball, martial arts, Pilates, and yoga. (some even have rollerskating lessons).

Haverstock School offers a variety of options, including dance, fitness and sports sessions - most are suited to families.

Families can learn gymnastics, samba and even fencing!. There are also numerous martial arts clubs to get involved in, like Tae Kwan-do and karate, give instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, you could come along for a kick about on the 3G Astro pitch or shoot hoops in the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

Whatever you fancy doing to keep warm and well this winter, we have something for everyone.

Find something to try via the online timetable -

It’s updated on a daily basis, so bookmark it and check back if you have a busy week ahead. We are always here to help!

Email us on or call 03330 119476 and give us a follow on Facebook/Instagram or twitter for behind the scenes, events and content from our super talented bunch of hirers.

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Summer Camps 2022

21st July 2022
Summer Camps 2022

📍Haverstock School
24 Haverstock Hill
Chalk Farm

BALL OUT THE BOX has partnered up with Camden Council to provide a Holiday Activity and Food Camp

Targeting children eligible for free school meals.

Monday 1st August - Thursday 25th August (16 Days)

4 days per week for 4 weeks of Summer

AGES 11-16

Free Lunch for children eligible for Free School Meals

Paid places available (packed lunch optional)




WhatsApp: +44 7541 646938


📍Danny Grant Soccer School

Dates: 25 Jul 2022 - 29 Jul 2022
Total of 5 sessions
Monday – Thursday 10:00 am onwards
Ages 4-12

for children in Reception - Year 7 (aged 4.5 - 12)

Week 1: 25 - 29 July
Week 2: 1 - 5 August

10am - 3pm daily (drop-off from 9.15am)

Children take part in a wide range of fun and action-packed games and activities which aim to develop fitness, confidence, and ball skills. Our experienced coaches will encourage each child to develop their potential at their own pace.

The camp will be held in a spacious, modern sports hall plus an outside playing area where children can enjoy and learn to play sport in safe and secure surroundings.


📍Code Ninjas Camden

(also at Haverstock School)

July 25th – 29th 2022

Code Your Own Cartoons

Ninjas will learn how to express themselves and let their creativity shine through code as they work together to craft silly, scary, and exciting cartoons in Scratch—a kid-friendly, visual programming environment developed by MIT. Throughout this experience, Ninjas will level-up their knowledge of basic coding concepts as well as their storytelling abilities.


📍Haverstock School, Chalk Hill Farm, London

Dates: 1st – 5th August

Time: 10am-3pm

LDCA offer a week-long half-term camp for 6-14 year old children to enjoy Stunting, Dance and Tumbling workshops. We welcome all levels of experience from beginners to advanced!

We have guest Cheerleaders come in and work with our young people. We also do fun activities like arts and crafts, face painting and bow making. We will create a display for the families at the end of the week.

This Camp is open to current cheerleaders and of course anyone new so come and have a go! It’s a jam packed, high energy and great fun few days.


📍Haverstock School

July 26th - 30th 2022

August 9th - 13th and Aug 23rd - 27th 2022

Tekne Gymnastics Summer Camp 2022

All our coaches are British gymnastics qualified and DBS checked. Our head coach Des Aspill, has taught for over twenty years and is committed to providing a quality course of gymnastics encompassing general gymnastics. We are currently teaching in many schools in the Hampstead and Camden area. Every year we come together to participate in our Tekne Festival, held at Haverstock School, giving our gymnasts the opportunity to show their skills in a gymnastics competition.

At Tekne Gymnastics we understand how early physical training has a proven impact on children’s development. It is our aim to teach in a fun, safe and nurturing environment that promotes confident, happy, young athletes.

Book Via

Find more summer camps via our website

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Things To Consider When Booking A Venue

11th May 2022
Things To Consider When Booking A Venue

You've chosen the date, thought about the theme and started the invite list — but where should your next event be held?

Searching for a venue shouldn’t be stressful, we can help!

We have put together a handy list of things you should consider when it comes to finding a suitable venue for your next event.


Can the venue accommodate the amount of people expected, as well as provide space for entertainment? Is there a minimum capacity limit?

Seating Arrangements

Are there enough tables and chairs? Are there any pre-determined seating plans available to help you decide the layout?

Audio Visual Equipment

Is there any equipment provided as standard? Consider if you need a projector, lighting and audio system.

Is there Wi-Fi available? If so, are you allowed guests access to it?

Décor or decorating the room(s)

Are you allowed to decorate the space? Check to see if there any restrictions on what can be displayed, such as using helium balloons or sticking things to walls?

Setting up and breaking down

Have you factored in the setup and teardown included in the booking? Never assume, always check! You can be charged for extra time on site outside of your booking slot.

Catering / Food

Do you have catering arrangements? Will you have access to a kitchenette or prep space to use?

If you are planning on allowing alcohol at your event please check that alcohol permitted. Licenses and permissions, such as TENS, are required for public events.

Payments / Invoices

What are the terms and conditions for payment – do you have to pay upfront or retrospectively? Is there a cancellation policy? Some venues need 7 days’ notice for cancellation.

Site Staff

Will there be staff on hand to help guide guests on the night?

Site staff will often anticipate your needs without having to ask because of their level of experience, which will come handy on entry and exit of the venue.

Get In Touch!

You can submit with us and our BookingsGuru’s will send a response within 24 hours. (Monday to Friday) You are welcome at most venues to schedule a site visit ahead of your event to make sure it meets all of your needs. We have photos of each space on our website too.

Find a venue via our website

Prefer to speak to a human? Give us a call on 03330 110476 or search for a venue in your area via our website.

We have over 50 venues to choose from Yorkshire all the way down to Essex! (and everything in between)

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