Our Facilities

Sports Hall

The floor is a fully sprung hardwood beech flooring and is suitable for performances and recreational sports. The floor gives optimum ball bounce, shock-absorption, resilience and friction.
Lighting Lux levels suitable for competition standard basketball, volleyball, netball and badminton.

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Dimensions: 30m long x 18m wide

Equipment Available:

• 5 aside Goals
• Netball Posts
• Badminton Posts
• Volleyball Posts (no nets, please bring your own)
• Cricket Nets (2 Bays)
• Basketball Rings (x6)
• Benches (x4)
• Whiteboards (x4)
• Half Court Net
• Gymnastics Equipment

Suitable Activities:

• 5 aside Football
• Netball
• Badminton
• Volleyball
• Gymnastics
• Indoor Hockey
• Martial Arts
• Indoor Athletics
• Children’s Parties
• Cricket Nets
• Basketball


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