Our Facilities

Specialist Classrooms

We have a variety of specialist classrooms available. These rooms have been designed and built for their specialist subject. Each room comes equipped to accommodate your needs.

Rooms available include:

• Cookery
• Wood work & DT
• Music

Suitable activities:

• Cookery courses & clubs
• Internet surfing courses, ICT development
• Wood and Metal working courses
• Carpentry
• Recording & making music

Equipment available:

• Computers
• Projector screens
• Electric and gas ovens
• Electric and gas hobs
• Work surfaces for specialist food preparation
• Sound proof rooms
• Carpentry studio

Please note: Specialist classrooms have to be requested from the school. The type of activity and requirements needed will determine if we are able to obtain permission. Please enquire for further details.




Enquire for Specialist Classrooms